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Collect, Prep, and Tag

We sell ALL items related to kids, teens and maternity!!!

Consigning is Easy!

Go through your closets and look for  those new, unused, or outgrown items still in great condition.
Clean, Hang,  and Bag  your items
Tag your items with our Easy Online Barcoding System
(Scroll down for more details on prepping & tagging.)

We’ve even got helpful videos for you, too!


Drop Off!

Bring your items to drop-off
at the time shown on our Sale schedule.

If you want to donate anything
that doesn’t sell, you’re done!

If you want to pick up unsold items,
see times for pick-up too!

...and fourteen days later, your check shows up in the mail!


Why Sell With Just Between Friends of Katy?

  • 1st: You, the consignor make 60% profit on your sold items.
  • 2nd:  NOTE: CONSIGNOR FEES HAVE CHANGED Consignor Fee: After your percentage is calculated, a $12 consignor fee will be removed from your check IF you donate ALL of your items after the event.  IF you do not donate all of your items after the event, a $20 consignor fee ($20/500 items consigned) will be removed from your check. Items not picked up after the sale, will be donated.

    3rd: Help and make a higher percentage on your sold items


Register to Consign



Login to Add Shift

We want YOU to join our fun at JBF Katy team!

These shifts don't quite work with your schedule?  Contact Claudia @ claudiastephens@jbfsale.com or text 281-757-6132.

HOW THIS WORKS: You can build your own shift! 

2hr Shift - This is a 2 hour shift.  You will receive 60% profit on your sold items, your consignor fee waived, and 1 friend pass.

3hr Shift - This is a 3 hour shift.  You will receive 63% profit on your sold items, and 1 friend pass.

5hr Shift - This is a 5 hour shift.  You will receive 65% profit on your sold items, plus your consignor fee waived, and 1 friend pass. (you cannot use this shift to receive 70% - you must choose the breakdown shift if you'd like to earn 70-75%)

Breakdown Team 1 - This is a 4 hour shift.  You will receive 70% profit on your sold items, your consignor fee waived, and 2 friend pass.  There are limited spots for these shifts, sign up now.

Breakdown Team 2 - This is a 5-7 hour shift.  You will receive 75% profit on your sold items,your consignor fee waived, and 2 friend pass.  There are limited spots for these shifts, sign up now.

Cashier - This is a 5 hour shift. You will receive 75% profit on your sold items,your consignor fee waived, and 2 friend pass.



Our helpers make each sale event the perfect place for families to find the great deals on items they need!

Many of our consignors not only want the added bonus of the extra 10% on their consignor check at the end, they sign up to be a Sale Helper because they want the sale with their items to be AMAZING for those coming to shop!

You do not have to consign at the JBF Katy sale to be a sale Helper!

We make helping fun! Join us!



Click here for the  CONSIGNOR WAIVER.

Click here for the

Click here for the CRIB WAIVER

Tuesday | Set Up |Drop off
10:00a-12:00p Set Up

12:00 p -5:00 consignor drop off

12:00p-3:00p A-M (last name) Drop Off
3:00p-5:00p N-Z (last name) Drop Off

5:00p-6:00p working Parents Drop Off (by apointments)


IF YOU ARECCONSIGNING OVER 350 ITEMS email us for an apointment.


• If you have MORE THAN 300 tagged items to consign at our sale, we ask you to sign-up for a drop-off time AND a pick-up time appointments.

• Bring all items tagged, prepped, and sorted by type and size.
• Make sure you have filled out and submitted your consignor agreement, car seat checklist (if appllicable), and crib waiver (if applicable).
• When you first arrive, just bring one item in to be "scanned in" so that we can "check you in" to our system.

(Our Inspection Team will be inspecting items at drop zone,  please plan for Drop-Off to take 40-60 minutes.)


This is for those who have troubles dropping off. WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT CONSIGNORS WITH 400 ITEMS OR LESS. There is a fee for this service.

Express Drop Off is:
Up to 200 items - $20
201-400 items - $40

12:30p - 1:30p Express Drop Off

Express drop off items must be marked for donation and no star.



Saturday April 13th. 7:00pm-9:00 pm

You will need to know your consignor # when you arrive and you will check several areas for your items that will be sorted into your consignor number.
Floor items and hanging items will be in separate areas and you will be expected to check the missing tag and missing parts areas to confirm your items are not there.
• After 9:01pm, ALL remaining items will be donated to our charity partner. Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Consignors that do not pick up their items after the sale will be charged the $20 consignor fee.




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Don't Have Time to Tag?
Easy steps to sign up.

1. SIGN UP for VIP tagging!

Contact Kabby at claudiastephens@jbfsale.com to be connected with a Valet Tagger.

2. The VIP Team Leader will assign you a VIP Tagger.

The Valet Tagging fee is $20 for the first 150 items, $5 per 50 items after (rounded up.) with a max of 300

    Your Valet Tagger will be paid directly by JBF from your sales after the sale so there are NO UP FRONT costs.

    Tagging Supplies are provided by the Valet Tagger. (Batteries will not be provided- please have working batteries with appropriate items.)

3. The VIP Tagger will contact you and schedule a drop off time.

4. When you drop off, your items will be inspected on the spot.

    Make sure all items are in working order and free of stains, tears, etc. Batteries must be included in all necessary items.

    REJECTED ITEMS due to stains, odor, dirt/grime, rips/tears, excessive wear or any other defects, there will be charged fees.

5. The VIP Tagger will contact you after your items have been entered into the tagging system. YOU WILL HAVE 3 DAYS TO GO INTO THE TAGGING SYSTEM TO CHECK YOUR ITEMS.

6. After 3 days, the VIP Tagger will tag your items.

7.Once prices are confirmed, the Valet Tagger will print tags, attach, and hang your items. The Valet Tagger will hold your items and filled out forms until Consignor Drop-off.

Your Valet Tagger will bring your Valet Tagged items to Consignor Drop-off.

8. You will have to pick up your items at the sale. JBF will take out $.60 per item for the Tagging Supplies Fee in addition to the consignor fee at the end of the sale to pay your tagger fee and materials.

Once the sale is over, you may pick up any unsold items OR choose to donate all. Please be advised: if your tags were created with DONATE on them, they will be pulled and put in with the donations immediately following the end of the sale.

    The Valet Tagger does NOT pick up the Consignor's unsold items. It is the responsibility of the Consignor to pick up their own unsold items UNLESS they are donating all leftover items.

Once the sale begins, you can sit back and log in to your Valet Tag JBF account to watch your sales!

9. You will receive 40% as a consignor, or more if helping at the sale!

10. About 2 weeks after the sale is over, you will receive your Consignor check and the Valet Tagger will receive theirs.


This service was designed for busy parents who don't have the time to tag their own items


    0-10 items rejected: $0; 10-20 items rejected: $10 fee; 20-40 items rejected: $20 fee. More than 40 items rejected will result in possible termination of the Valet Tagging agreement. The fees will come out of the consignor check at the end of the sale.

    Please plan to let the Valet Tagger know if you would like to DONATE ALL unsold items or PICK-UP any unsold items after the sale. Please refrain from choosing some to donate and others to pick-up (except in the case of reject items.) Your Valet Tagging agreement must be all to donate or all to pick-uP.

You will fill out a Valet Tagging Consignor Agreement form before you drop off your items with your Valet Tagger.

    Valet Taggers are responsible for ALL pricing. All items will be entered based on the taggers knowledge and expertise in pricing and JBF pricing guidelines.

    All items will be required to go half price.

    Please allow ONLY the Valet Tagger to update and change tag prices.


Things to note about Valet Tagging:

    Consignors who wish to tag some of their own items will need to utilize a separate JBF consignor number.

    Valet Tagging is especially geared to people who have great stuff but no time to be a traditional Consignor. Valet Consignors get to sell items and make money without doing much work. You can leave your items with your Valet Tagger and never see them again, if you donate.

    This program may change for future sales.



1. Our Spring 2019 sale will again be held at Katy Hustle Gym..

2. We will be adding positions

Contact Kabby at claudiastephens@jbfsale.com if you are interested in any of these opportunities. Positions will be filled as available.

3. A maximum of 5 Mommy Mart items and 2 Stuffed Animals per consignor. Please bring your 5 best to sell in each of these categories.For our Junior category, only jeans and brand name items will be recieved, and only 10 items per consignor.

4. We will have some very limited On-Demand buying (non-clothing only.) More information on this to come closer to the sale.

5. Vendors opportunities will be extremely limited. Please contact Kabby at claudiastephens@jbfsale.com if you would like to be considered for our limited vendor/sponsor opportunities.





1. Login or create a new account, and check the "consignor" box for our event.
*If this is your first visit, you will be assigned a consignor number which is a unique selling number just for you. See this number at the top of your JBF Profile.

2. If you have time to help out during the sale with us, we'd love you! Just check the Team Member box as well when you register and it will open the scheduler to choose a shift.

3. After you register, you will receive an email confirmation.  This will have your consignor number and indicate how you have decided to participate.

4. To start tagging: In the red taskbar of your profile, click the link for "Tagging" to be taken to the tagging site. This site is open 24/7/365 for tagging!

5. Look over the details below on what to sell and selling tips. Join the JBF Katy Facebook Consignor Group and utilize the group to help you along as you go.

That's it! What are you waiting for?

Login & get started!!

(Are you on Facebook? You can always refer to our latest "How To Sell With JBF of Katy" Facebook party where we list step by step how it all works! Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/events/448051642292137)




Want to SHOP EVEN EARLIER and earn more?


Follow us @ just between friends of katy tx

Facebook Consignor Group



HUGE SPRING SALE: April 10-13, 2018
Click here to RSVP


As parents of two young children (10 year-old  and 6 year-old), we know how important keeping a family budget can be. We also know how frustrating it can be to spend money on nice toys, clothes, shoes, and gear our children outgrow in just a few months.

We are honored to serve area families by bringing high-quality JBF sales events that help area families make AND save money!

The Just Between Friends of Katy sales also give back an average of $15,000 in cash and donated items (each sale) to our community charity partner, Katy Christian Ministries. These donations go to help families in West Houston.

Our generous consignors can feel good about clearing out the clutter while adding back to their family budgets and supporting local families in need. 

Welcome to #jbfkatytx!

-Chris and Kabby