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Join hundreds of consignors who clean out & cash in at our events.

Your consignor number is good at every JBF sale, but please register for each sale if you are going to participate in it, so we can plan for you to be there.


Collect, Prep, and Tag



Price and Tag!


We sell ALL items related to kids sizes 0 to 12 years of age,  and maternity clothes!!!
Gather your items together, prep them, and create your tags using our online tagging system.


Drop Off!



Bring your items to the sale!

When Sale is done our items are donated to our charity partners for the benefit of other families in need within our community.

...and fourteen days later, your check shows up in the mail!


No more meeting people in parking lots or hosting a garage sale.  We will bring in thousands of shoppers to buy your children's outgrown items.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Register to Consign for our upcoming event

2. Join our consignor community on Facebook and Read  PREPARING YOUR ITEMS.

3. Start tagging!  Login  to get started. Our tagging site never closes!

Consignors earn 45- 75% on their sold items, less a consignor fee for every 400 items brought to the sale event.


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Ways to consign with jbf Katy

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Ways to consign with jbf Katy


  •  Receive 60-70% on her sold items, depending on the hours he/she helped at the event.
  • Pays $12 as a consignor fee, for every 400 items.


“DROPNGO” consignor

This are the "Donating all" consignor (ALL TAGS NEED TO BE MARKED DONATE AT DROP OFF)

  • Get 60% on her sold items, and does not need  help.
  •  All of the items must be marked reduce and donate, and in excellent condition.
  • Pays $10 as a consignor fee for every 400 items.


  U Consignor

  •  Receives 60% on her sold items.
  •  Does not help, just comes and pick up her unsold items after sorting is over. If the items are not picket up they will be donated, but will remain a "U consignor".
  • The "U" consignor fee is $15 for every 400 items brought to the sale.( # of items in your account at drop off, we do not count your items at drop off).


Drop off and Pick up

Drop off:


General Drop off date

• Bring all items tagged, prepped, and sorted by type and size.

• Make sure you have printed, and filled out your consignor agreement, car seat checklist (if applicable), and crib waiver (if applicable).
• Bring all your items in to be scanned, and checked. Items not tagged properly, dirty, and not in JBF Katy standard conditions, will be rejected and or pulled from the sales's floor.

(Our Inspection Team will be inspecting items at drop off,  please plan for Drop-Off to take 30-60 minutes for every 300 items depending on how many helpers we have, so consider helping for your event.)

Pick up

Pick up will be Saturday 6:30- 7:30

Items not picked up by 7:35 will be donated.  NO EXCEPTIONS

What we accept for consigning

  • Baby Equipment,

           Cribs, high chairs, rocking chairs, car seats, strollers, play pens, ...

  • Toys.

          Toddles toys, Puzzles, Girl and Boy toys, action figures, outdoor toys, push toys, bicycles, wagons, dolls, legos...

  •  Books.

              Kids readers, Educational books, baby books, parenting books. All age appropriate books for kids 0-15 and  pregnant moms like what to expect...

  • Homeschool curriculum


  • Kids clothes

               Girls and Boys sizes 0-12.

  • kid Shoes

                0- 3 month up to jr 5 (zip tided together and very clean)

  • Maternity Clothes,

               sizes S,M,L, XL.

               Brands;  motherhood, H & M, Nordstrom, A pea in the pod, The bump, Old Navy, Loft, Seraphine, Yours clothing, Gap, ASOS, Lullaroo, Target Maternity; priced appropriately. 

  • Mommy mart

              For JBF Katy this part of the sale is for items like;  baby bottles, slings and carriers,crib sheets, diaper bags, covers, bopies, pregnancy pillows.

Jbf Katy does not take breast pumps or/and baby food/formula.

Everything has to be very clean and in pristine condition. 


JBF Katy does not accept "yard sale items", kitchen items, household appliances,  adult clothing other than pregnancy, and nothing that is not a  "kid's items". Thank you for understanding.


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Product Recall Information

JBF Katy  not only recommends but expects each consignor to do their due diligence, and make sure their consigned items are not on a recall list.

Here is the most current link for the safety commissions recall list, and a link for information on the recent lead legislation as it pertains to re-selling.

Safety Links:
www.cpsc.gov U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
www.toyinfo.org Toy Industry Association, Inc.
www.jpma.org Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association
www.recalls.gov online resource for U.S. Government recalls
www.safekids.org Safe Kids Worldwide
www.nhtsa.gov National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
www.recallaware.com consolidated product safety information
www.allthetoyrecalls.info list of various toy recall websites
www.familyeducation.com The Family Education Network

Helping at the sale

We have great Incentives for our Helpers

Helpers are the most important people at jbf Katy.

 Helping at the sale earns a special preview sale pass and more money in your pocket.

The more you help the earliest you shop!  So, you get to shop the best selection without the lines.  Helpers can help with everything from setting up, assisting customers, security, and checkout.  Plus Helping is fun and a great way to meet new friends.

Consignors who also Help receive an additional
2% on their sold items, for every 2 hours  that he/she helped. With a maximum of 10% extra, but you can help for more than 10 hours.



1. Login or create a new account, and check the "consignor" box for our event.
*If this is your first visit, you will be assigned a consignor number which is a unique selling number just for you. See this number at the top of your JBF Profile.

3. After you register, you will receive an email confirmation.  This will have your consignor number and indicate how you have decided to participate.

4. To start tagging: In the red task-bar of your profile, click the link for "Tagging" to be taken to the tagging site. This site is open 24/7/365 for tagging!

That's it! What are you waiting for?

Login & get started!!



Want to SHOP EVEN EARLIER and earn more?


Chris and Claudia Stephens
TEXT:   281.757.6132



JBF just makes sense!

As parents, we invest so much money in the items our children need and want,  and many of these items are in great shape long after our children grow out of them, grow tired of the toys, and grow beyond the equipment and furniture. Why not let other families purchase these items at greatly reduced costs and earn cash from these investments? Plus, JBF is a fun way to meet other moms in the area, when you help in our sale!